Where Does Pest Control Spray in Apartments?


Whether you are living in an apartment or you own an apartment complex, you want to avoid pests. They are annoying, destructive, and even dangerous. If you notice an infestation growing in your apartment, you’ll want to contact your landlord so they can hire an expert pest control company to remove the pests. If you own an apartment or complex, reach out to Nationwide Pest Control today if you have an infestation. We’ll remove the pests and ensure they don’t come back. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Where Does Pest Control Spray in Apartments?


The process of spraying an apartment/complex starts with the exterior. The pest control specialist makes sure to get rid of any of the pests still lurking outside, trying to get in. From there, the pest control specialist will remove pests that are inside. They also may spray the decks or porches of the apartments in the complex.

If there are termites, the process is a lot more complex. The furniture in an apartment with termites will need to be moved so the specialist can get to the walls and remove the termites. They also may want to check other apartments if they suspect the termites have spread.

How Often Should Pest Control be Done in Apartments?

While it’s obvious that pest control services will need to be provided when there is an infestation in an apartment or complex, what people may not realize is that preventative services are available to ensure the pests don’t make their way into your apartment/apartments, to begin with.

If you are a landlord of an apartment complex, you’ll want to consider hiring a pest control company like Nationwide Pest Control to visit your property regularly to perform preventative services. This may mean quarterly or every other month, depending on the property, your location, and other factors. Reach out to Nationwide Pest Control today if you own a residential property and don’t currently have preventative pest control services. We’d be happy to have a specialist survey the area and provide you with more information.

For the safety and happiness of your tenants, consider Nationwide Pest Control.

How Long Does Nationwide Pest Control Take?

There are different forms of pest control. Because of this, how long the pest control process takes will depend on a few different factors. If there is only one apartment that is around 2,500 square feet or less that needs to be addressed, it may take as little as 30 minutes. If there are multiple apartments in a complex that need to be taken care of, it will take a lot longer.

Below are the most common services, and how long you can expect them to take.

  • Standard Treatment. For a standard treatment on a single apartment, you can expect it to take as little as 30 minutes.
  • Active Infestation. If there is an active infestation, the process may take as long as an hour to an hour and a half. If the pest control specialist believes the infestation has spread to other apartments, they may need to check those apartments as well.
  • Termites. Termites are a major issue for an apartment complex. First, the pest control specialist will check the specific apartment with the termite issue. From there, they may need to check other parts of the complex to ensure they don’t spread. If it is localized to one apartment, it may take around 8 hours.

Reach out to Nationwide Pest Control for more information.

Common Pests Found in Apartments

The best thing you can do for your apartment and your neighbors is to keep pests out. While this is the case, sometimes pests find their way in any way. If this happens, you’ll want to contact your landlord and let them know so they can hire an expert team like the one at Nationwide Pest Control. With that said, there are some things you can do to keep the pests out. Both renters and landlords can use the tips below to avoid an infestation of the apartment complex…


If you see a couple of ants scurrying around with a few crumbs, you may not think a lot of it. The problem is a few ants are generally indicative of a lot more. You may have a full-on infestation. There are different types of ants, like Argentine, sugar, and fire ants. While some aren’t as harmful as others, you don’t want any of them infesting your apartment. This is especially so for fire ants that have very painful bites.

In order to avoid ants in your apartment, consider the following tips:

  •       Repair any damage to the exterior of the apartment.
  •       Use weather-stripping on your doors and windows.
  •       Remove brush, branches, and overgrown vegetation from the apartment property.
  •       Rinse out cans and food containers before you throw them in the garbage.


Wasps and hornets are similar to bees, but they are much more aggressive. Their stings are very painful, and they can be especially dangerous if someone is allergic. For the safety of your neighbors and yourself, you should report a wasp or hornet infestation to your landlord. If you are the landlord of the building, you’ll want to make sure you hire a professional pest control specialist to remove the nest and ensure it doesn’t come back. Wasps and hornets can land someone in the hospital, so the issue needs to be addressed quickly and with care. Do not try to remove the nest on your own! Seek the help of a professional to make sure it is removed properly, and so you don’t put yourself at risk trying to get rid of the nest.


Roof rats, mice, Norway rats…no matter what type of rodent it is, you don’t want it in your apartment. Rodents have a tendency to get into food, eat through wires, and destroy property. On top of that, they are disease carriers. If you are a landlord and someone reports a rodent infestation, you’ll want to take it seriously. Not only is it a health hazard for the tenant, but it also means damage to your property. If you are a renter, don’t try to handle the issue on your own. Speak with your landlord about hiring a pest control service like Nationwide Pest Control.

To ensure rodents don’t make their way into your apartment, to begin with, consider these tips:

  • Clean and vacuum your floors and overall apartment often.
  • Don’t leave food on your counters. Put away unfinished food.
  • Take your trash out regularly.
  • Close your windows and doors. If there is a separate door to leave the complex, make sure that is closed as well.


Cockroaches disgust most people. Not only do they look gross, but they are also known to spread bacteria. They can quickly spread around an apartment complex, so an infestation should be addressed swiftly.

In order to avoid a cockroach infestation, consider these tips:

  • Survey the outside of the apartment complex for cockroaches.
  • Check your packages before you bring them into the complex.
  • Use weather-stripping around your windows and doors.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs don’t just stay in your bed. They tend to make their way around the rest of your apartment and—in apartment complexes—to other apartments. Bed bugs aren’t just your problem—they are a problem for your neighbors as well.

In order to avoid bed bugs, consider these tips:

  • Clean your clothing and wash your sheets often.
  • Clean your clothes as soon as you return home from a trip.
  • Avoid purchasing used furniture.
  • Check your apartment if your neighbor reports bed bugs.
  • Let your landlord know if you get bed bugs.
  • Clean your apartment and vacuum regularly.


Spiders are icky, eight-legged creatures that spin webs in your home. While they aren’t all dangerous, some are. Because of this, you want to be cautious when it comes to spiders.

Here are a few things you can do to avoid spiders:

  •       Clear away spiderwebs as soon as you see them.
  •       Replace any ripped or torn door or window screens.
  •       Close off gaps that lead to the outside of your apartment.
  •       Make sure your windows and doors stay closed when you aren’t using them.

Termites/Carpenter Ants

Termites and carpenter ants can do a severe amount of damage to an apartment complex. If you notice termites or carpenter ants, report them immediately to your landlord. Not only will they cause damage to your apartment, but also to the complex in general. They spread pretty quickly, so you need to take action as soon as you notice a problem.

If you are a landlord, don’t try to handle the issue on your own. Contact Nationwide Pest Control so we can send out a pest control specialist to remove the termites or carpenter ants.

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If you notice a pest infestation in your apartment, contact your landlord immediately. If you are a landlord, contact Nationwide Pest Control. We’ll send out a specialist to survey the area, find the infestation, and eliminate the pests. 

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