When is the Best Time for Pest Control in Birmingham, Al?

A wasp nest can be seen in the corner of a house, in Birmingham, Alabama.

No matter the season, pests can find a way to take up residence in your hom. Stinging pests such as carpenter bees or wasps often die in winter, but some will find a new home within the walls of your house, emerging when the weather is warmer.

Having a professional pest control company number saved to your phone can provide a needed comfort when unpredictable pest problems arise through the changing seasons. Our referral network Nationwide Pest Control can help you find a trusted pest control company in the Birmingham area. Below are some signs to help you know when to call for pest services in your home.

You Notice Signs of a Pest Problem

Pests always leave clues behind to let you know they’ve visited. When you start noticing signs of pests in your home, it often means you have an infestation. Signs of pest infestations include:

  • Small black or brown droppings
  • Red spots in your bed are often left by bed bugs
  • Peeling paint or stains on walls
  • Buzzing sounds in your home
  • Scurrying paws or gnaw marks on furniture

If you notice signs of a pest presence, your home may require a thorough inspection from a pest control technician or licensed specialist.

You Notice it is a Group of Pests and Not an Isolated Incident

Occasionally a rodent or insect can enter your home through an open window or door but when you notice insects or rodents traveling in groups, it is more than likely an infestation. You do not want the problem to worsen as pests can damage your home and your health. Pest control companies offer integrated pest management to eliminate your pest infestation and prevent pests from returning.

Changing of Seasons

It is a good idea to seek help from pest control companies when you first notice a pest presence, no matter the season. However, there is a high chance that certain pests, aside from rodents, may remain hidden in your home until warmer weather approaches. Listed below are common pests typical to Birmingham Al during spring and summer.

Keep an eye out for signs of common pests during the warmer seasons and sounds of rodents year-round.

You Begin Developing Allergies, Asthma, or Other Health Issues

Pests can cause a variety of health problems and even diseases if not treated quickly. Cockroaches, for example, can cause asthma if you are exposed for a long period due to the dander they leave behind. Mosquitoes, bedbugs, and fleas can cause swollen red marks if you are allergic. Rodents in Birmingham homes can trigger allergies due to their droppings, urine, and saliva. The types of allergic reactions may manifest in eczema, coughing, a runny nose, rashes, or even asthma attacks.

Protection and Prevention from Household Pests in Birmingham

Contact a trusted pest control company today to protect yourself and your loved ones from developing pest-related health issues, When you hire a pest control company for termite control, mosquito control, protection from stinging insects, or general pest control, you should look for a company you trust. Pest control companies work to eliminate the problem and offer services to prevent pests from returning. Your home may require monthly or bi-monthly treatment until the problem is eliminated. Pests are never an enjoyable presence in your home. Protect yourself and your loved ones today and call a trusted pest control company.

Find a Trusted Pest Control Service Near Birmingham

It is best to find pest control services with local expertise. The pest control industry offers a variety of services, and you should feel confident in finding a company that aligns with your needs and your budget. Trusted and reputable pest control companies in Birmingham should conduct regular training for their licensed specialists to ensure you receive quality care. Reading reviews on Nationwide Pest Control allows you to find a Birmingham pest control company with satisfied customers. You should feel comfortable asking:
  1. Which pest control services are offered?
  2. Do they offer a free inspection?
  3. What is the expected treatment plan?
  4. Do you offer a free and firm quote after a free inspection?
  5. Does your business have reviews I can read?
Protect yourself and your family from pests and find a trusted Birmingham pest control company today through Nationwide Pest Control.
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