When is it Time for Professional Pest Control?

A professional pest control worker sprays for pests outdoors while wearing protective gloves and a mask.

Don’t wait until the pests take over to call a professional for help. While there are many ways to keep pests at bay, you may need a professional to be able to see the greater problem manifesting beneath your floorboards or within building structures. Contact us at Nationwide Pest Control and we will dispatch a professional to your home for pest removal and treatment. You don’t want a pest problem to grow any bigger than it already is!

Signs of Pest Problems in Your Home or Business

Pests always leave behind clues to let you know they are taking up residence in your residential or commercial properties. Below are a few signs that you have a problem with pests.

Tracks and Grease Marks

Insects and rodents often travel on the same route and leave behind tracks or grease marks. Most insects and rodents come out at night and use the scent left by their grease tracks to follow the path to their food source. If you notice any paw prints in the dust, dark grease marks, reddish streaks, or urine trails, it may be time to get a pest control treatment in your home.

Bed bugs also leave behind tiny red marks that look like blood marks or rust on mattresses. Examine your mattresses closely from time to time as these marks may be difficult to spot without a close examination.


Another sign of a pest problem in your home is damage to structures. Some pests gnaw on the furniture whereas termites tend to create small holes in the walls or torn wallpaper. Additional pest-related damage in homes and businesses includes a change in coloration in certain areas on your walls.

Scents and Smells

Be mindful of any change of smells in your home. Some pests leave behind ammonia-like smells whereas bedbugs often leave a sweeter musty smell in the air.

If you notice a change of smell in your home and the trash has been taken out, it may be a good idea to check for other signs of pests in your home.

Droppings and Dead Bugs

Pests often scavenge for food at night and usually leave behind droppings near their nest site. Bed bugs also leave behind red droppings about the size of a pin.

In addition to droppings, dead bugs or insect shell casings are a sign that you have pests living in your home. Take note of the size and shape of the insect and be sure to report the issue if needed.

Signs you Need a Professional Pest Control Company

To protect your home or property from a pest problem, it is always a good idea to get a professional to take a look. If you notice any of the signs above, it is likely you have a pest presence in your home.

Nationwide Pest Control Services

We offer up-to-date information and access to experts in the field of pest and insect control. With our extensive network of professional pest control organizations, you can be connected to a locally owned and state-certified pest control company in your area. From residential areas to commercial properties, we have a solution for you! We are committed to helping both you and your home with any signs of a pest problem.

Our hotline is open 24/7 and after dispatching one of our experts to your home to pinpoint the pest problem, you will receive a free quote!

Call Nationwide Pest Control Services today at (866) 584-9183.

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