What Are the Black Bugs in Texas?


Texas is home to some amazing food, warm weather, and great cities. It is also home to an array of bugs! If you just moved to Texas (or even if you’ve lived in Texas for a while), you may be wondering what those black bugs are. You also may notice other pests around that are trying to make their way into your home.

Below is more information about different types of black bugs in Texas, other common pests, how you can prevent them, and how you can get rid of them quickly once they’ve made their way into your house.

What Are the Black Bugs in Texas?

The black bugs you are seeing around Texas aren’t just one thing. There are a few different types of black bugs that live in the area. Here are some of the most common black bugs in Texas:


Gnats are attracted to debris and waste. They are flying bugs, and they are sometimes confused with fruit flies. Gnats can be particularly annoying and are known to get everywhere—including the inside of your refrigerator!

Chinch Bugs

While chinch bugs don’t generally make their way indoors, they are known to live in your yard and feed on the sap of your grass. You may see them on the exterior walls of your home, and if you have any cracks in the wall, they can make their way inside. Once they make their way indoors, use a vacuum cleaner to help with getting rid of them.


Crickets are way more of a nuisance than people give them credit for. They tend to eat away at bedsheets, fabric, socks, and more around your house. They are attracted to damp areas like potholes, and they can live in debris in your yard. Possibly worst of all they chirp all night!

If you are having issues with black bugs that are making their way into your home or yard, contact Nationwide Pest Control. We can send a local specialist to inspect your property, find the problem spots, and eliminate the pests.

Other Pests in Texas (and How to Prevent Them)


Besides the common black bugs above, there are a variety of other pests that you’ll find living in Texas. Below are other common Texas pests:


There are a few different types of rodents you may run into in Texas. These include mice, Norway rats, roof rats, and others. Whatever the case may be, you don’t want them scurrying around your house. Rodents are known for getting into food, damaging homes, and even chewing through wires. On top of that, rodents are notorious spreaders of disease.

In order to avoid rodents in your house, consider the following tips:

  •       Ensure your doors and windows stay closed.
  •       Clean and vacuum your floors regularly.
  •       Don’t leave out open containers. Clean up after yourself.
  •       Take out your garbage often.


Cockroaches are gross to look at. They are also bad for your health. As cockroaches scurry around your counters, your floors, and even on your food, they spread bacteria. This can lead to you getting sick.

If you want to avoid these unsightly insects, consider the following tips:

  •       Check the outside of your house for cockroaches.
  •       Check your packages before bringing them indoors.
  •       Ensure your basement stays dry.
  •       Use weather-stripping around your windows and doors.


Everyone hates mosquitoes. Some buzz around and are simply a nuisance. Others bite and leave itchy marks that are hard not to scratch. Beyond how annoying they are, they can also be quite dangerous. Mosquitoes are known around the world for being carriers of diseases and viruses.

If you don’t want mosquitoes buzzing around and biting, take the following tips into consideration:

  •       Fill in holes on your property that can collect water.
  •       Get rid of standing water in your home.
  •       Remove stumps, debris, and overgrown vegetation from your property.
  •       Keep your grass cut short.
  •       Turn any buckets or containers in your yard upside down.


You may see a few ants sneaking around looking for food. While this seems benign, it can be symptomatic of a bigger issue. It’s important to remember that ants live in colonies. While some won’t hurt you, others have very painful stings.

In order to avoid ants, consider these tips:

  •       Check the exterior of your home to ensure they don’t have a way in.
  •       Remove brush, branches, and debris from your yard.
  •       Use weather-stripping around your windows and doors.
  •       Rinse out cans and containers before tossing them out.


Wasps and hornets are nasty and mean. They are known to attack and are way more aggressive than bees. If you see a nest on your property, you’ll want to remove it as soon as possible. Not only do their stings hurt, but they can be very dangerous to those with allergies. Have a professional pest control specialist remove the nest for your own safety, and to ensure they don’t return.

Termites/Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants and termites can greatly damage your property—costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. They multiply quickly and spread out all over your house. Nationwide Pest Control can track these pests down and get rid of them for good. Contact Nationwide to get rid of your termites or carpenter ants.

How to Get Rid of Texas Pests Fast


If you are experiencing a pest infestation and you would like to get rid of those pests fast, the best thing you can do is contact a professional pest control company like Nationwide Pest Control. We are able to dispatch an expert pest control specialist to your home or business to inspect, eliminate, and set a perimeter so the pests don’t return.

Looking For a Pest Control Company in Texas?

Below are some of the locations we offer pest control services in Texas:

Reach Out to Nationwide Today

Once you notice pests in your home, take action! Reach out to Nationwide Pest Control today. We’d be happy to help you to get rid of those pests and make sure they don’t come back. We also offer ongoing pest control services to prevent pests year-round.

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