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Wasp & Hornet Control Services

For Help with Wasps and Hornets Contact Nationwide Pest

Wasps and hornets are particularly nasty stinging insects with a very painful sting. These pests have venom that some people are allergic to, and these allergic reactions can be very dangerous. In some cases, an allergic reaction from a wasp or hornet sting can be fatal. While they can be beneficial to the ecosystem overall, you won’t want them around your family, pets, guests, or on your property at all. This is especially so when it comes to wasps and hornets making their way indoors. A sting can be anywhere from annoying to deadly, so you want to keep wasps and hornets out.

If you have wasps, hornets, or any other stinging insects making their home on your property, make sure to contact Nationwide Pest Control to handle the issue. You don’t want to try and remove a hive of wasps or hornets on your own! They can be angry and aggressive, and there is a chance of you being stung. Instead, rely on a professional pest control specialist to remove the hive and ensure the wasps or hornets don’t return. You’ll feel safer knowing a professional is removing the pest problem.

For more information about wasp and hornet control, contact Nationwide Pest Control today at (866) 584-9183.

More About Wasps

Wasps have some similarities to bees, but unlike bees, these pests can sting more than once before dying. They are extremely aggressive, and they are not afraid to sting you a lot. They also aren’t as beneficial as bees, as they don’t produce honey and aren’t particularly helpful for flower pollination.

Wasps aren’t very picky about where they build their nests, and they will build them just about anywhere they can. This includes the underside of eaves around businesses and homes. They live in these areas because they provide relief from heat and light, and they are out of direct sunlight. These spaces also give them plenty of room to grow their nests as nests can grow very quickly. Each nest is able to produce dozens of eggs in just a few months.

Beyond being more aggressive, wasps are also quite often larger than bees. You’ll generally recognize a wasp by its yellow coloration and striped pattern. With that said, there are different types of wasps that have different colorations. Mud daubers, for instance, are often black or brown.

More About Hornets

Hornets are a type of wasp, and they are extremely dangerous and aggressive. This species of wasp can reach two inches in length, so they are quite large. On top of that, their sting is particularly painful. When defending their nest and hunting they become aggressive. Like wasps, hornets can be carnivorous. These pests will sometimes eat other insects—including bees. They have actually been known to wipe out entire beehives, and they are able to do this with as little as two or three hornets.

Because of their size and level of danger, you’ll want to remove hornets quickly and fully. You also will want to call in a professional to get the job done. Because wasps and hornets are so mean, they will likely try to attack you. Beyond that if you are allergic you may end up in the hospital. Instead of trying to handle wasps and hornets on your own, contact Nationwide Pest Control.

Nationwide Pest Control is here to help with your stinging insect infestation. We have a larger referral network of local pest control experts all over the United States. Contact us today for more information about wasp and hornet removal.

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