Types of Bugs in Florida


Florida is home to beautiful beaches, fun nightlife, and excellent seafood. It is also home to a host of critters that buzz, swarm, bite, and scurry. While there will always be bugs trying to make their way into your home or business, there are some things that you can do to stop an infestation.

The first thing you’ll want to do is learn more about the common types of bugs in Florida and how to prevent them. If you take these steps and still end up with an infestation, you’ll want to contact a professional pest control company like Nationwide Pest Control. We can dispatch a pest control specialist to your home or business to eliminate the infestation and put measures in place to stop them from coming back.

What Types of Bugs Are in Florida? And How Can I Prevent Them?


So, what types of bugs are you likely to run into in Florida? And how can you prevent them from setting up nests in your home and multiplying? Below is some information about the most common Florida bugs, and what you can do to stop them from invading your home or business…

Cockroaches/Palmetto Bugs

Cockroaches are disgusting creatures. It’s no surprise that people avoid them at all costs. Not only do cockroaches look gross, but they are also dangerous to have in your home or business. They spread bacteria and illness wherever they go. What some Floridians don’t know is that palmetto bugs are just another form of cockroach. Other common cockroaches are American, Oriental, and German. What they all have in common is you don’t want to have them around.

Below are a few tips for avoiding a cockroach/palmetto bug infestation:

  •       Inspect the outside of your house for cockroaches.
  •       Keep your basement dry.
  •       Check packages before you take them inside.
  •       Use weather-stripping around your doors and windows.


Floridians understand more than most how much of a nuisance mosquitoes are. Whether they are buzzing around or actively biting you, they do nothing but get in the way and cause frustration. We all know how itchy a mosquito bite is. What many people don’t know is how dangerous a mosquito bite can be. Mosquitoes are known carriers of a variety of diseases and viruses. You don’t want them breeding on your property.

The tips below will help you to avoid a mosquito infestation:

  •       Cut your grass short.
  •       Fill in any holes on your property—especially those collecting water.
  •       Get rid of standing water around your house.
  •       Turn any buckets or containers outside upside down.
  •       Remove debris, stumps, and overgrown vegetation from your property.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are frustrating to deal with. They are small, so they are able to sneak their way into your house. From there, they start breeding and biting. While they are known for taking over your bed, they can also move to other parts of your house.

In order to avoid bed bugs, take advantage of the tips below:

  •       Wash new clothes you purchase as soon as you bring them home.
  •       Clean and vacuum your home often.
  •       Wash your sheets often.
  •       Put your clothing in the wash as soon as you get home from a vacation.
  •       Avoid purchasing used clothing and furniture when possible.


Ants live in colonies. This is important to keep in mind. What only looks like a few ants could actually be indicative of quite a few more. If you let these ants go unchecked, you could end up with a full infestation. There are a few common ants that you may experience. These include sugar, fire, and Argentine. Fire ants are especially notorious, due to their painful bite.

If you would like to avoid an ant infestation, consider the following tips:

  •       Ensure there are no gaps to the exterior of your home.
  •       Use weather-stripping around your windows and doors.
  •       Remove brush, branches, and debris from your property.
  •       Rinse out cans and containers before tossing them out.


Spiders are icky and spooky. They sit in the corners of your home spinning webs that get bigger and bigger. While some types of spiders are relatively harmless, others can be quite dangerous. Some of the different types of spiders include American house spiders, brown recluses, black widows, and long-bodied cellar spiders. It’s best to avoid spiders altogether if you can.

In order to avoid spiders moving into your home, consider these tips:

  •       Keep your doors and windows closed.
  •       Replace or repair any torn window or door screens.
  •       Remove spiders from your house as soon as you see them and take down their webs.
  •       Close any gaps that may lead to the outside of your home.
  •       Remove debris, branches, rock piles, and other areas where spiders can hide from your property.


Wasps and hornets are mean, and they are known for their painful stings. Once you notice them on your property regularly, it’s time to look for a nest. Don’t try to take care of the nest on your own. Wasps and hornets are very dangerous. This is especially so if you are allergic. Instead, contact Nationwide Pest Control. We’ll send out an expert to properly remove the nest, kill the wasps/hornets, and make sure they don’t come back.

Termites/Carpenter Ants

Termites and carpenter ants are known for doing billions of dollars in damage to property a year. If you notice them in your walls or around your house, you can be sure they are doing major damage to your home. This is not only extremely costly, but it is also dangerous. Getting rid of termites or carpenter ants is a tall order. You can’t do it on your own, nor should you try. An expert pest control specialist knows where these critters are hiding, and they can get rid of them for good.

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