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Spider Control Services

Clean Out the Cobwebs with Nationwide Pest Control!

Arachnophobia is a big issue in the United States. Actually, spiders are one of the biggest fears Americans have. As many as 3.5% to 6% of the global population is scared of spiders—but that probably should come as no surprise. Spiders are creepy, and they are also quite dangerous. These eight-legged pests tend to make their home in the corners of your house and spin their webs bigger and bigger. They also multiply, so you end up with more and more spiders in your house if you don’t address the issue. Beyond their spooky appearance, spiders can bite and some are extremely venomous. Their bites can even be deadly! Spiders are common pests, but having a spider infestation shouldn’t be taken lightly. That’s why—if you have a spider infestation—you should contact Nationwide Pest Control.

Whether the spiders are big or small, Nationwide Pest Control can handle them. We provide high-quality services from the top pest control specialists in your local area to treat your property  and remove the unwanted spiders. After they are done, they’ll take preventative measures to keep spiders away.

Contact Nationwide Pest Control today at (866) 584-9183 if you have a spider infestation in your home. We have service providers all over the country, and we’ll gladly dispatch a provider to your home to get rid of the spiders.

What are Spiders?

Spiders are what are known as arachnids. Arachnids are a type of animal that has eight legs. There are other arachnids out there (like scorpions), but most of them aren’t as common as spiders. Beyond having eight legs, spiders have fangs and a two-part body. While all spiders have this in common, there are a ton of things they don’t have in common. Spiders come in many different shapes, color patterns, and sizes. They also have different behavior patterns that depend on the particular species.

Some of the most common types of spiders in the United States include:

  •   Long-bodied cellar spiders
  •   American house spiders
  •   Wolf spiders
  •   Brown recluses
  •   Black widows
  •   Hobo spiders

Some of these spiders are relatively harmless, but others can do severe harm. The venom of some spiders may land you in the hospital or worse. However, some spider bites are more annoying than anything else. Most of the more common spiders you’ll encounter aren’t deadly, but there are some that are—so be wary when trying to remove a spider from your home.

Spiders can be good to have around in your yard, as they help to remove garden pests and insects, but you don’t want them inside of your home. That’s why it’s important to keep them out, and get rid of them if they make their way in.

Avoiding Spiders in Your Home

There are a few different things that you can do to keep spiders out of your home. Here are a few tips for keeping spiders from making their way into your house and starting an infestation:

  •   Replace or repair torn screens on your windows and doors.
  •   Caulk gaps around your doors and windows.
  •   Use weather-stripping on doors and windows.
  •   Keep your storage areas tidy, free of clutter, and organized.
  •   Keep your doors and windows closed when you aren’t using them.
  •   Seal up cracks to your exterior walls, foundation, and other spaces.
  •   Remove any piles of leaves, rocks, or wood from your property.

·   Remove spider webs from your home as you see them.

Once spiders have begun an infestation, it’s important to take action. You don’t want them to multiply, and you also don’t want to get bit. Once you notice a spider infestation, contact Nationwide Pest Control. We have a large referral network of expert spider control specialists that are ready to find the spiders in your home, remove them, and make sure they don’t come back.

Reach out to Nationwide Pest Control today at (866) 584-9183. We look forward to helping you to remove the spider infestation from your home!

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