Questions to ask your West Palm Beach Exterminator

A man observes the pests coming in through his window and considers what questions he wants to ask a professional exterminator.
When choosing a pest control company in West Palm Beach, FL you want to be sure you are choosing a company that knows how to handle pests safely and treats a major infestation. From bed bugs to termites, you will want to choose a company in South Florida that can handle all of your pest problems. Below are a few pest control questions you can ask before hiring an exterminator.

How do you Identify the Pest?

Your West Palm Beach pest control service should include a thorough inspection of your home and/or yard. For a company with excellent service, it is common for a free inspection of your home to be given before receiving a quote. A knowledgeable exterminator will search for signs of tracks, droppings, or other clues of a pest infestation in your home. They will also ask you questions such as: “What type of pest do you believe is in your home?” and “Are there signs of a pest in your house?”

What Type of Treatment will be Used?

Knowing which treatment methods will be used to combat pest problems in your home is important. Many store-bought remedies can contain harmful pesticides. When a pest exterminator determines the type of problem and the level of pest infestation, they should then develop a plan of action to eliminate the pests. Pesticides and harmful chemicals should only be used if completely necessary and as a last resort; especially if young children or pets are present in the home.

Will I Need to Vacate the House?

Depending on the treatment process, you may need to leave your home for a given period. Before you hire a pest control company, determine if you will need to vacate the house at any point so you can plan and know what to expect from the treatment process.

Is Your Pest Exterminator Licensed and Insured?

It is good to be sure that the pest control professional coming to your home is licensed and insured. Pest control companies who can’t give a firm “yes!” to this question should not be trusted. Always ask ahead of time and when in doubt, ask for paperwork. Trained technicians and pest control specialists should be able to provide a certificate and their license to show that they have been through the proper procedures to cure the pest problems in your home.

Does Your Business Have Any Guarantees?

Some businesses offer a guaranteed elimination of the pests in your home. You want to be sure that this is a firm guarantee and ask how they can guarantee this. In terms of money, most pest professionals will give you a quote for the cost of treatment. You will want to ensure that it is a firm quote and not likely to change so ask to get the quote in writing before agreeing to treatment. On some pest control service websites, there may even be a guarantee that your home will be eliminated from a pest problem permanently. Ask if they hold firm to their guarantee and about their plan of action for preventing the return of pests.

Pest Control Services You Can Trust

The pest control industry is always growing. It can be overwhelming to choose from the abundance of pest control companies. Aside from asking the questions listed above to find a licensed, safe, and knowledgeable pest control specialist, you can also ask if they have reviews written by other customers. A company with satisfied customers will often mean that you, too, will have a positive experience. Our team at Nationwide Pest Control knows the importance of protecting your home and loved ones by choosing a trusted professional pest control company in your city. We are the #1 Pest Control Referral Network in the nation. Visit our website to find a trusted Florida pest control service today. Contact us by phone with any questions: (855) 602-2542. We look forward to assisting you and your family and keeping those pesky pests away!  
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