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If you’re in the market seeking pest control service in Coral Gables, you’ve come to the right place! But before you schedule an appointment, let’s look at who we are. Our pest control company understands that pests can be a problem during construction or home remodeling and that these annoying vermin can make life unruly – but there are pest control solutions available for you.

Our pest management professionals offer commercial pest control services and domestic pest control treatments at market-competitive prices.

Why Hire Professional Team in Coral Gables, FL?

If you’re dealing with a small-scale pest problem like a fly infestation, you may be able to take care of it yourself. However, suppose the situation becomes more widespread than anticipated and becomes a pest infestation. In that case, your best bet is to get in touch with the best pest control specialists who regularly handle pest removal like these!

Pest exterminators have years and years of pest control experience handling even the direst situations because they know only too well that pests can quickly spread to surrounding areas if left unchecked.


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Coral Gables FL

Nationwide Pest Control is one of the leading pest control companies operating in Coral Gables. We have dedicated professionals with years of experience, ensuring that your pest control needs are met and handled promptly with the utmost care and dedication.

Whether you require our services for tackling termites or seeking a helping hand to have complete pest control, our expert pest controllers can get it done! Contact us today to find out how we can help take care of any of your pest control concerns so that you can be free from worry in no time at all.


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Different Types of Pests Found in Coral Gables FL

If you reside in Florida, you may have witnessed pests hundreds of times. The most common ones are:


Cockroaches are uninvited pests responsible for carrying diseases and generally being gross. They are known to come into our homes to seek warmth during the colder months and enjoy hiding inside our bathrooms or dining areas. One way to reduce their numbers is by using a glue trap – it’s simple and doesn’t require you to put forth too much effort or deal with the cockroach directly!

Seeking ways to get rid of these unwanted pests? Follow these tips:

  • Remove all hiding places and potential entry points into your home.

  • Use a quality insecticide to kill any cockroaches that are already present.


Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying pests around Coral Gables, FL. But unfortunately, the buzz about irritating us is also a carrier of many diseases that can harm human health.

Having an effective pest control over such insects or keeping these pests away from your property not only means you can enjoy working in a clean environment without mosquitos buzzing all around you, but it will also protect you against what could be potentially fatal diseases as a result of the pesky insects feeding on you,

Here are some tips for doing away with mosquitoes:

  • Keep your yard clean

  • Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water. To remove any standing water nearby.


Ants are pests and can be challenging to eliminate once they’ve made themselves comfortable in our homes. There are various varieties of ants, including Sugar Ants, Ghost Ants, Big Headed Ants, and Fire Ants. They are dangerous because they can contaminate food sources by polluting them and spreading disease by biting or stinging humans or animals with painful bites that can cause property damage to level your home. After all, the hill up on stuff.

Here are some practical tips to get rid of these pests on your own:

  • Identify the source of the infestation and try to get rid of it.

  • Use a commercial ant bait or a homemade one to kill the ants.



Spiders are generally considered pests because they cause harm to humans and other animals. However, some spider species can also be quite dangerous and will attack if they feel threatened. While most spiders are not harmful to humans or animals, it is still vital that you take preventative measures to keep them away from your house.

Exterminate these pests from your home or business by:

  • Get rid of food sources

  • Fill cracks and crevices.

Bed Bugs

Bedbugs are small wingless parasitic insects that live by feeding on the blood of humans. These little critters cannot spread diseases, but their bites can be very itchy and sometimes leave red spots. They typically come out mostly at night to seek new victims and hide in furniture or places where people spend most of their time, like beds, couches, walls, etc.

We’re no stranger to pests and these uninvited guests. That’s why we take your pest control needs very seriously at Nationwide Pest Control.

Here are some ways to get rid of these pests:

  • Vacuum regularly

  • Steam clean your bedding and furniture.


When we think of rodents, we often visualize a rat or mouse scurrying past us as we walk through the city streets. Yet, most of us don’t consider how these furry little creatures can damage our property and what kind of trouble they could bring into our lives! For example, have you ever wondered how rodents chew through your wires and cables? Or how about the fact that they can cause fire hazards in electrical appliances?

They may even carry fleas and ticks, which could infect you and your family members with diseases like Lyme disease or Typhus.

Get complete rat control by following these tips:

  • First and foremost, figure out how the rodents are getting into your home.

  • Block off all the entry points using materials like steel wool, caulk, or wire mesh.


While hornets and wasps might seem like your average, everyday insects, they are quite capable of inflicting damage if you aren’t careful. The potential harm could cause the victim to lose consciousness and even experience an allergic reaction or collapse, which can sometimes be fatal.

Whether you’re seeking professional help in South Florida for pest extermination in West Palm Beach Gardens or finding precise pest control in Coral Gables, Nationwide Pest Control is here to assist in every way possible. We provide the best customer service and offer top-notch commercial services!


Ticks are tiny parasitic arachnids that feed on the blood of their hosts. Although ticks can survive for short periods of their host, they are commonly found in wooded and grassy areas where they wait to attach themselves to passing animals and people.

Ticks vary in color and size depending on species, but most have rigid plates covering their backs. Ticks often take multiple blood meals before becoming engorged with blood and frequently do not even kill the hosts they feed.

Ticks can be a serious pest control problem in many parts of the world as they spread illness and are difficult to eradicate without specialized control methods.

Here’s how you can prevent ticks from invading your property:

  • Trim your lawn and keep it short

  • Check your pet’s fur regularly.


Whether in Coral Gables, FL, or anywhere in Florida, pest control services are a must if termites have invaded your home. Termites, also known as “silent destroyers,” can cause damage to a home or building without being noticed. They are small, brown insects that live in colonies under the ground and feast on cellulose material such as wood.

Here are some practical tips you could use for the termite problem:

  • Use insecticides and baits

  • Set up physical barriers.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are a lot like reckless drivers. They’re attracted to construction areas that speed up and bump into things resulting in property damage. These pests typically nest in trees. As a result, carpenter ants can be found near buildings that they may have wreaked havoc upon in the past.

Do you want to carpenter ants infestation extermination? Here are some tips:

  • Use a bait that contains borax or boric acid to lure them into it and then kill them.

  • Use a pesticide that is specifically designed to kill Carpenter Ants.


Step #1: Give Nationwide a Call!

The first step of the pest removal process is giving Nationwide Pest Control a call. From there, we can get a better understanding of the pest issue you are having and dispatch an expert pest control specialist to your home or business to resolve it.

Step #2: Inspection

When your expert exterminator arrives, they will survey the property to pinpoint the infestation.

Step #3: Pest Removal

Once your pest control specialist has found where the pests are hiding, they can start removing them. Our exterminators use methods that are safe for humans but deadly for pests.

Step #4: Prevention

We help to not only eliminate the pests on your property but also to identify and treat problem areas, so they don’t come back. We will set up a barrier around your home or business that will help to prevent further infestation.

Contact Nationwide Pest Control today to learn more about our process and how we can help you to permanently remove pests from your home or commercial business.

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Michelle S.
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Extremely FAST!

I filled out a form on Nationwide Pest for someone to contact me. Within minutes a professional called me and was able to come out within hours to get rid of ants. I really liked the service.
Michelle S.
Michelle S.
Houston TX
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Extremely FAST!

I filled out a form on Nationwide Pest for someone to contact me. Within minutes a professional called me and was able to come out within hours to get rid of ants. I really liked the service.
Michelle S.
Michelle S.
Houston TX
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Extremely FAST!

I filled out a form on Nationwide Pest for someone to contact me. Within minutes a professional called me and was able to come out within hours to get rid of ants. I really liked the service.
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