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Pest Control in
Nashville, Tn

Nashville is known for a lot of things like its music, its nightlife, and its food.

If you are a local in Nashville, you also learn about the variety of pests that there are to deal with. They all have in common that you don’t want them in your home!

You may be able to take care of some pests on your own, but once the problem becomes an infestation, you’ll want to call in a professional pest control services expert.

Why You Should Consider Pest Control in Nashville, Tennessee

It’s understandable to want to take care of a pest problem on your own, and this may be possible if it’s the occasional bug here or there. On the other hand, an infestation should be handled by professional pest control specialists in Nashville. Pests are notorious for their resilience, and a trained pest control company specialist can ensure they aren’t just eliminated but don’t come back to cause more trouble.


hire the best in

Nashville, Tn

Some excellent pest control companies in Nashville, Tennessee, promise to prevent future infestations, but you’ll want to ensure you hire the best pest control services for your pest problem. That’s where Nationwide Pest Control comes in. We have a nationwide network of the best pest control business and specialists in the field. We can connect you with an expert professional who knows how to handle your infestation and permanently remove the pests.

Contact Nationwide Pest Control company today to handle your pest control needs in Nashville.


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Nashville is home to various types of pests, which may cause the need for expert pest control. Below are some of the problems you may experience in the Nashville area and what you can do to ensure they don’t make their homes inside of yours:


Cockroaches give most people the creeps, which makes sense. They are gross and demand prompt pest control! Beyond how unsightly they are, they are also a significant problem.

Cockroaches spread bacteria around your house’s surfaces and even on your food. Whether they are American, German, or Oriental, you’ll want to keep these nasty critters out of your home to prevent illness. Proper pest control can prevent further damage.

Here are a few things you can do to avoid cockroaches:

  • Seal off any openings on the exterior walls of your property.

  • Take out the trash regularly.

  • Clean and vacuum your house often.

  • Use weather-stripping on your windows and doors.

  • Checkboxes and packages before bringing them indoors.

  • Replace or repair the torn door or window screens.


Mosquitoes are pretty annoying. Some buzz around you while others silently land on you and bite you. You are then left with itchy, frustrating bumps. The occasional mosquito bite here is bad enough, but it can worsen once they get onto your property.

On top of how annoying their bites are, they are also pretty dangerous. Mosquitoes have been known to carry diseases that they transmit once they bite you. Many do not consider expert pest control when considering mosquitoes; however, infestations can be costly.

To avoid mosquitoes in your house and around your property, consider these tips:

  • Get rid of any standing water in your home.

  • Fill in holes on your property that can fill up with water.

  • Turn buckets and other containers upside down so they don’t collect water.

  • Keep your grass cut short.

  • Remove debris and stumps from your property.


Ants may seem minor due to their size, but they can become a big issue. Keep in mind ants live in colonies. This means there are probably more nearby when you see a few ants. Common pests like ants, cockroaches, and bed bugs, can cause damage to residential and commercial properties, driving a need for professional pest control.

There are a few different types of ants you may run into. These commonly include fire, sugar, and Argentine. Each of these ants comes with its challenges. Fire ants, for instance, tend to bite pretty viciously, and if there is an infestation, it is prudent to contact expert pest control companies.

To stop ants from making their way into your home, consider the following pest control tips:

  • Use weather-stripping on your doors and windows.

  • Rinse your cans and other containers out before throwing them away.

  • Cut tree branches and remove overgrown vegetation from your property.

  • Ensure your trash can lids stay on tight.


Many people are afraid of spiders, which makes a lot of sense. Not only are spiders creepy, but they can also be extremely dangerous. There are a few different spiders that you may find in your home. These include hobo spiders, brown recluses, black widows, American house spiders, and wolf spiders. Some of these spiders are relatively harmless, while others are incredibly deadly.

Here are a few things you can do to avoid a spider infestation in your home:

  • Clear away cobwebs as soon as you notice them.

  • Keep your windows and doors closed.

  • Remove rock, leaf, and wood piles from your property.

  • Seal up any cracks in your exterior wall.

  • Replace and repair torn window and door screens.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are tiny, parasitic insects that bite. These brownish-red critters feed off your blood and can cause you to itch a lot. This itching can eventually lead to infection. Beyond living in your bed, bed bugs can subsequently make their way to other house parts and live on your furniture. You will want to ensure proper pest control to avoid these unwanted guests.

To avoid bed bugs, consider the following tips:

  • Purchase primarily new furniture and beds.

  • Wash your clothing after you get home from a vacation.

  • Wash clothing you purchased at a store as soon as you get home.

  • Keep your home clean and vacuumed.

  • Wash your sheets regularly.


Rodents are a significant nuisance—literally. They are the biggest pests you will experience and tend to hurry around your house, causing an immediate need to seek pest control companies. They are unsightly, damaging your home, eating your food, and spreading diseases and viruses. They are extremely unsafe to have nesting in your home, so you’ll want to take steps to avoid them. We also offer preventive pest control to prevent future infestations.

Here are a few things you can do to stop rodents like rats and mice from nesting in your home:

  • Clean and vacuum your home regularly.

  • Put away food after you are done eating it.

  • Take out your garbage regularly.

  • Use your garbage disposal.


Wasps and hornets are mean and aggressive insects that can cause you a lot of grief. Their stings hurt a lot, but they can also be extremely dangerous. Some people are allergic to wasp and hornet stings, and a sting can land them in the hospital.

Call a pest control company to get pest control services in Nashville to keep your friends, loved ones, and yourself safe. An expert will eliminate a wasp or hornet nest on your property as soon as possible. They will safely destroy it and take steps to make sure the wasps or hornets don’t return.


Ticks are nasty, blood-sucking parasites. While people often think of pets when they think of ticks, they are also happy to feed off of humans. Through their saliva, ticks spread disease—which makes them particularly dangerous. You’ll want to prevent ticks from getting into your house and snacking on you. Pest solutions measures for ticks are essential.

Here are a few tips for avoiding ticks:

  • Have your pets on a year-round tick control program.

  • Keep the grass in your yard short.

  • Clean and vacuum your house regularly.

  • Check your pets for ticks if they spend time outside.

  • Keep shrubs and bushes tidy and cut so they aren’t overgrown.


Termites can be highly problematic if they make their way inside your house. These insects look like common ants but can be much worse for your property. Termites live off the wood in your home, which means more property damage over time.

They also spread pretty quickly and can eventually number in the thousands! Call an expert pest control specialist if you suspect termites eat away at home. An expert pest control service in Nashville, TN, will promptly remove the problem.

Carpenter Ants

Like termites, carpenter ants can damage your property quite a bit. They are one of the most significant types of home-invading ants, and they tend to work away at the wood in your house—leading to hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of damage. You’ll want to ensure carpenter ants don’t make their way inside.

Here are a few things you can do to avoid carpenter ants:

  • Varnish, paint, and stain the wood in your home.

  • Remove any tree stumps, brush, and debris from your property.

  • Keep your basement dry.

  • Close off any gaps in the roof line.

  • Use weather-stripping on your doors and windows.


Step #1: Give Nationwide a Call!

The first step of the pest removal process is giving Nationwide Pest Control a call. We can better understand the pest issue and dispatch an expert pest control specialist to your home or business to resolve it.

Step #2: Inspection

When your expert exterminator arrives, they will survey the property to pinpoint the infestation.

Step #3: Pest Removal

Once your pest control specialist has found where the pests are hiding, they can start removing them. Our exterminators use methods that are safe for humans but deadly for pests. They provide sustainable general pest control.

Step #4: Prevention

We help not only eliminate the pests on your property but also to identify and treat problem areas, so they don’t come back. We will set up a barrier around your home or business that will help to prevent further infestation.

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Extremely FAST!

I filled out a form on Nationwide Pest for someone to contact me. Within minutes a professional called me and was able to come out within hours to get rid of ants. I really liked the service.
Michelle S.
Michelle S.
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Extremely FAST!

I filled out a form on Nationwide Pest for someone to contact me. Within minutes a professional called me and was able to come out within hours to get rid of ants. I really liked the service.
Michelle S.
Michelle S.
Houston TX
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Extremely FAST!

I filled out a form on Nationwide Pest for someone to contact me. Within minutes a professional called me and was able to come out within hours to get rid of ants. I really liked the service.
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