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Pest Control in Key West, FL

Key West is well known for its lively nightlife and many bars and nightclubs.

If you’re dealing with a pest problem, it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t try to tackle it all by yourself. Pest control companies carry professionals trained in detecting, managing, and removing any pest problem, whether big or small.

Pest control companies have the training and experience to quickly identify the problem and develop an appropriate solution. They also have the tools, products, and equipment to get the job done right the first time.

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Pest invasion could harm health by spreading disease and contaminating your food! One might think it is simple to handle pest control on their own, but depending on how severe the affliction is, this might not be the best approach.

If you have a situation with an ant making its way into your cupboards, taking care of them yourself may make more sense rather than paying expensive rates for an exterminator for small-scale problems.

Still, if you are dealing with more prominent and typical pests such as rats or other mice, this may be too much of an issue for you and could require a local exterminator to take over. Therefore, to maintain our standards, we also offer free inspection!


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We bring decades worth of experience along. Additionally, the customer service that our commercial pest control company offers is top-notch because we get right down on all fours and do what needs to be done for your particular pest problem for your home or business!


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Different Types of Pests in Florida Keys West

When in West Key, a specific type of pest is bound to make its way into your home. Let’s take a look at the most common ones below.


Roaches are not only shy and often hard to spot as they try to stay hidden in household cracks and crevices. They are also particularly dangerous when it comes down to spreading horrible illnesses such as Salmonellosis, Dysentery, and Typhoid fever. Therefore, Roach control must be dealt with quickly and effectively before the situation worsens. And requires an annual inspection.

Follow the tips given below to do away with this pest:

  • Keep food in sealed containers and dispose of garbage regularly.

  • Clean up any spills or crumbs immediately.


Mosquitoes are one of the peskiest bugs on Earth. But unfortunately, they’re responsible for millions of deaths each year. There have been reported cases of people dying from mosquito bites that make your normal mosquito itch seem trivial in comparison!

You wouldn’t want them in your business area or near home, do you?

These tips would help you to do away with them:

  • Remove standing water sources in and around your home.

  • Keep your gutters clean and free of debris.

  • Repair any holes or cracks in screens on your doors and windows.


No matter where you live in Southwest Florida, chances are you’ve encountered many annoying ant groups over the years. Whether it’s fire ants or black gardeners burrowing under your house floorboards, these bugs can be tricky customers because they can easily take shelter behind walls and inside floors, making them harder to deal with than most small insect brethren.

If you wish to help yourself to do away with them, follow the steps given below:

  • If you find a food or water source, clean it up and seal it off so they cannot access it.

  • Try to keep your property as clean as possible. They are attracted to food and dirt.


One of the most dangerous types of pests in the world, spiders are known to invade homes and crawl into dark corners where they will hide and feed on other insects. Arachnids take advantage of weather conditions that remove natural predators from their environments and easily multiply into colonies within the site that can quickly grow out of control if left untended or ignored for too long.

Spiders often lay hundreds of eggs every year, which means that if you’re suffering from these tiny intruders, you may have a severe problem on your hands!

Get rid of these by:

  • Seal up any cracks or openings around your home

  • Vacuum regularly

  • Keep your home tidy and clutter-free

Bed Bugs

These are nocturnal creatures who feed on anyone and anything that passes by their way. They have specially designed mouth parts for piercing skin, which is why bites leave small, red sores on those bitten. Bed bug groups are challenging to exterminate because they like to hide deep within walls or even in other people’s homes, where it’s impossible to notice their presence beforehand.

Follow these steps to stop the affliction of bedbug:

  • Inspect your bed

  • Check other furniture in your bedroom for bedbugs.

  • Vacuum your bedroom thorough


If a pack of rodents was left in an empty house or a lawn, the rodents would quickly damage the place beyond repair, and the whole building could collapse! Rats are destructive and can chew through most building material exceptionally quickly, given that they have no natural predators.

To stop their breeding and have a seamless rodent control:

  • Remove any food sources that might be attracting rodents to your home.

  • Set up traps or use baits to capture and kill rodents.


One of the most common reasons fleas, wasps, and hornets become pests is because they tend to build their nests near human habitations. When this occurs, wasps and hornets can pose a danger to humans as they aggressively defend their hives and nests.


It’s not uncommon to find ticks in areas that have greenery. Unfortunately, these pests can be troublesome to deal with, appearing on people and animals. It’s pretty challenging to obtain the most effective when getting rid of them, too. For example, unlike other insects or bugs, which are light enough to float away in the wind, ticks will often latch on and stay put for a long time.

They become challenging to get rid of once people start applying an excessive amount of insecticides. As a result, ticks might start bundling together to create even more problems for humans over time.

To do away with them:

  • Keep pets indoors as much as possible as they often get ticks.

  • Remove any potential tick habitats around the home, such as tall grass, brush, and leaf litter.


Termites are pests that crawl around your home and cause extensive damage. If you plan to do some remodeling or construction work on your home, it’s essential to take the necessary steps to protect your investment. Termites live in underground colonies and travel up into your walls if they detect wood when they’re looking for food.

Moreover, it is highly recommended to consider professional termite control teams to help eliminate and treat their invasions with a safety treatment.

Carpenter Ants

These are insect pest that is common in both homes and business environments. They can infest locations in all geographic regions, making them a problem for homeowners in numerous climates since warmer temperatures provide better conditions for the queens to lay eggs.

They also tunnel into wooden structures, causing damage to their feeding tunnels and harborage. Homeowners should know the signs of invasion and how to deal with them.

To prevent their prevention and to avoid their infestation:

  • Find and destroy the nest.

  • Use insecticides.

  • Use traps.


Step #1: Give Nationwide a Call!

The first step of the pest removal process is giving Nationwide Pest Control a call. From there, we can get a better understanding of the pest issue you are having and dispatch an expert pest control specialist to your home or business to resolve it.

Step #2: Inspection

When your expert exterminator arrives, they will survey the property to pinpoint the infestation.

Step #3: Pest Removal

Once your pest control specialist has found where the pests are hiding, they can start removing them. Our exterminators use methods that are safe for humans but deadly for pests.

Step #4: Prevention

We help to not only eliminate the pests on your property but also to identify and treat problem areas, so they don’t come back. We will set up a barrier around your home or business that will help to prevent further infestation.

Contact Nationwide Pest Control today to learn more about our process and how we can help you to permanently remove pests from your home or commercial business.

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Michelle S.
Houston TX
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Extremely FAST!

I filled out a form on Nationwide Pest for someone to contact me. Within minutes a professional called me and was able to come out within hours to get rid of ants. I really liked the service.
Michelle S.
Michelle S.
Houston TX
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Extremely FAST!

I filled out a form on Nationwide Pest for someone to contact me. Within minutes a professional called me and was able to come out within hours to get rid of ants. I really liked the service.
Michelle S.
Michelle S.
Houston TX
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Extremely FAST!

I filled out a form on Nationwide Pest for someone to contact me. Within minutes a professional called me and was able to come out within hours to get rid of ants. I really liked the service.
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