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Are you seeking professional assistance to get rid of pest infestation? Our experienced and certified technicians will work diligently to rid your home or office of any pests that may be present. We offer various services to meet your specific needs, and we will create a customized plan to ensure that your property is protected from future infestations.

When you contact Nationwide Pest, we will inspect your property to identify the type of pests present and determine the best action to remove them. We use the latest technology and equipment to safely and effectively eliminate pests.

Why Should You Consider Homestead Pest Control Services

Homestead is known for its hot, humid weather – which pests love. Mosquitoes, cockroaches, and ants are just a few pests that can make your life miserable in Homestead.

Pest control can help you eliminate these pests – and keep them from returning. Pest control companies have the experience and knowledge to safely and effectively remove your pests. So don’t wait – if you’re dealing with pests, call a pest control company in Homestead, Florida today. Give our commercial pest control company a call, and our customer care experts will get back to you with a quick response and a free quote.


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Homestead, Fl

We are a locally operated, family-owned Homestead pest management company servicing the Homestead area for many years. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service at the most affordable price.

We offer various pest control services to business owners and homeowners, including termite control, bed bug control, mosquito control, and much more. Providing 100% satisfaction in our services is one of our core values. We understand the importance of keeping your home or business free from pests and are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and detailed information.

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Different Types of Pests in Homestead, Fl

Each of the pests found in Homestead’s commercial properties can severely threaten residents’ health and safety. Here are the different types of pests that we exterminate.


Cockroaches are known to carry a variety of diseases and can be a severe health hazard to humans. They can spread diseases such as salmonella, strep throat, and dysentery. Cockroaches can also trigger asthma attacks in people who are allergic to them.

  • Identify problem areas where cockroaches congregate and thrive, and focus your efforts there.

  • Remove food sources that attract cockroaches, such as crumbs, spills, pet food, and garbage.


Mosquitoes are known for their ability to spread disease. They are vectors for various illnesses, including malaria, Zika, West Nile, dengue fever, and chikungunya. In addition, mosquitoes are responsible for more human deaths than any other animal on the planet.

Following are a few tips to eliminate their existence from your home or business:

  • Keep your grass and shrubs trimmed

  • Get rid of any containers that can hold water.


Ants are terrible pests because they are constantly searching for food and water. They will enter homes and businesses through any crack or opening. Once inside, they will contaminate food and surfaces with their bodies and excrement. Ants can also bite and sting, which can be painful and dangerous.

We’ve compiled a few essential tips to get rid of ants:

  • Use a strong and killer and follow the directions carefully.

  • Be sure to keep food and water sources clean and sealed.


These eight-legged pests are not only creepy, but they can also be dangerous to humans and animals. Spiders are often considered pests because they can build webs that are unsightly and difficult to remove. In some cases, spiders can also bite humans, which can cause pain and irritation.

To do away with these pests:

  • Dust and mop regularly to remove spiders and their webs.

  • Reduce the clutter in your home or business

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of the most terrible pests you can have in your home. They are small, brownish insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals. They are most active at night when they come out to feed on their victims. Bed bugs are tough to control and exterminate. They can hide in small cracks and crevices in your walls and furniture, making it difficult to find and kill them all.

But a few things you could do to get them away from your home or business:

  • Inspect secondhand furniture, beds, and mattresses before bringing them into your home or business.

  • Vacuum your home.


Rodents are terrible pests for several reasons. First, they are unsanitary, spreading disease and contamination wherever they go. They also reproduce quickly, meaning a small infestation can quickly become a big problem.

Here is how you can get rid of them:

  • Put all food away in airtight containers and keep them away from where the rodents can reach them.

  • Use traps or poison to kill the rodents and dispose of them properly.


Wasps and hornets are terrible pests because they are very aggressive and attack humans and animals if they feel threatened. They can also sting multiple times, which can be very painful. A single sting can also cause an allergic reaction in some people.

You can get rid of wasps and hornets by calling a professional exterminator. They will be able to safely and effectively remove the pests from your home.


Ticks can transmit diseases to humans and animals, including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tularemia. Second, they can be complicated to eliminate once they’ve infested an area. Third, they are often found in places where people spend a lot of time outside, like parks, woods, and hiking trails, which means they can quickly come into contact with humans.

To eliminate them once and for all:

  • Dust regularly with a fine powder, such as diatomaceous earth, which can kill ticks on contact.

  • Use a powerful air purifier to help remove ticks and other airborne pests from your home.


Termites can cause a lot of damage to your home. They can eat through wood, insulation, and even concrete. So if you have a termite problem, getting rid of them as soon as possible is vital. There are a few ways to exterminate termites: bait, traps, or chemicals.

Nationwide Pest control can help you eliminate termites in Homestead. Contact us today and explore how we can help you. We’re equipped with the latest technology and expertise that ensure optimal quality service.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants damage wood in homes and other buildings. They are also difficult to control because they can establish satellite colonies connected to the central colony through underground tunnels.

To do away with them:

  • Keep your home or business clean and free of food and water sources that carpenter ants may be attracted to.

  • Seal any cracks or holes in your home or business that carpenter ants could use to enter.


Step #1: Give Nationwide a Call!

The first step of the pest removal process is giving Nationwide Pest Control a call. From there, we can get a better understanding of the pest issue you are having and dispatch an expert pest control specialist to your home or business to resolve it.

Step #2: Inspection

When your expert exterminator arrives, they will survey the property to pinpoint the infestation.

Step #3: Pest Removal

Once your pest control specialist has found where the pests are hiding, they can start removing them. Our exterminators use methods that are safe for humans but deadly for pests.

Step #4: Prevention

We help to not only eliminate the pests on your property but also to identify and treat problem areas, so they don’t come back. We will set up a barrier around your home or business that will help to prevent further infestation.

Contact Nationwide Pest Control today to learn more about our process and how we can help you to permanently remove pests from your home or commercial business.

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Michelle S.
Houston TX
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Extremely FAST!

I filled out a form on Nationwide Pest for someone to contact me. Within minutes a professional called me and was able to come out within hours to get rid of ants. I really liked the service.
Michelle S.
Michelle S.
Houston TX
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Extremely FAST!

I filled out a form on Nationwide Pest for someone to contact me. Within minutes a professional called me and was able to come out within hours to get rid of ants. I really liked the service.
Michelle S.
Michelle S.
Houston TX
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Extremely FAST!

I filled out a form on Nationwide Pest for someone to contact me. Within minutes a professional called me and was able to come out within hours to get rid of ants. I really liked the service.
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