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When a pest infestation strikes, it can be difficult to know what to do. Rodents, insects, and other critters invading your home or business can feel frightening and overwhelming. How can you quickly find an affordable way to get an infestation under control? Luckily, Nationwide Pest Control is here to help.

What Is Pest Control?

Though there are certainly ways you can tackle a pest problem yourself, some cases may require a team of experts to eradicate an infestation. Pest control specialists can locate the problem and create a solution that fits your specific needs. Nationwide will provide you with a free estimate so that you know you’re getting the best service for the best price.

The process starts with a call to Nationwide Pest Control. From there, we dispatch one of our pest control specialists to survey your property and identify the areas where the infestation is occurring. We then treat the areas and eradicate the infestation. Finally, our specialist will put measures in place to stop the critters from returning.

In order to ensure the pests don’t come back, consider ongoing pest control services. We generally recommend quarterly preventative services, but some properties benefit from services every other month. Your pest control specialist will let you know what works best for your property.

Common Types of Pests


Common types of pests vary from region to region. It’s important to understand these different groups in order to know how best to deal with them. You can even learn how to better prepare yourself so that infestations are less likely to occur.


Rodents come in many shapes and sizes. The most common types you might run into are rats and mice. Outdoors are typically harmless, but because they can be carriers of disease, you certainly don’t want them finding their way into your walls or furniture. 

In order to keep rats and mice out of your home, consider taking the following steps:

  • Keep your house clean and vacuum your carpets frequently.
  • Keep your trash cans covered.
  • Avoid leaving out open food containers.
  • Remove your trash regularly.


Cockroaches are large, beetle-like insects that thrive in damp, dark places. Though they typically don’t bite, they can be carriers of disease and bacteria. Their breeding habits mean that they multiply rapidly, which makes it difficult to determine where an infestation began. This is why if you find yourself facing a cockroach problem, it’s important to act fast.

Below are a few steps you can take to avoid attracting roaches:

  • Keep your home clean. Regularly check for areas that may be particularly grimy or moldy.
  • Use a dehumidifier in damp areas, such as basements.
  • Seal your doors and windows with weather-stripping.
  • Regularly examine the exterior of your home for any small openings.
  • Ensure that any leaks inside your home are fixed right away.
  • Contact Nationwide immediately if you notice signs of a cockroach infestation.


Spiders aren’t just creepy-crawly eight-legged insects; they can pose a serious threat if not dealt with correctly. Many species of spiders currently exist in the United States. Some of the most common types are American house spiders, brown recluses, and black widows. Although not all spiders are venomous, some may be extremely dangerous. Spiders can be helpful in the garden as they eat harmful pests, but it’s important to avoid letting spiders into your home. Here are some tips for preventing a spider infestation:

  • Repair or replace any torn screens on your windows and doors.
  • Thoroughly seal gaps around doors and windows with caulk or weather-stripping.
  • Ensure doors and windows are closed when not in use.
  • Avoid leaving piles of wood, leaves, or rocks around your property.
  • Immediately get rid of spider webs in your home when you encounter them.


Mosquitoes are tiny, irritating bugs whose bites can leave you itching for days. In addition to being annoying, they can be carriers of deadly diseases. While finding a mosquito or two outside might be manageable, in large numbers they can be unbearable. 

The following are some helpful hints for dealing with a mosquito problem:

  • Remove any standing water on your property.
  • Cover or overturn any buckets or containers that are frequently left outside.
  • Ensure your gutter is regularly cleaned and checked for debris.
  • Check for any areas that may collect water and fill them.
  • Cut your grass short.


A wasp or hornet infestation in or around your home can be especially nasty. Though they play an important role in our ecosystem, their painful stings are irritating and can even cause deadly allergic reactions. You definitely want to avoid allowing them to nest nearby. 

Because of the aggressive nature of these insects, handling a wasp or hornet infestation is a job best left to the professionals. Nationwide will provide you with the best resources to get rid of wasps and hornets and prevent them from returning.

Bed Bugs

Though they may be small, bed bugs can be an enormous nuisance. They make themselves at home in your bed or other furniture and can cause painful, itchy bites. They can also spread very easily between households, so it is extremely important to eradicate a bed bug infestation as soon as possible.

Below are the best practices for avoiding bed bugs in your home:

  • Wash your clothing frequently, especially if you’ve been traveling.
  • Immediately wash all clothing you purchase at the store.
  • Frequently vacuum your carpets.
  • Keep your sheets, mattress, and box spring clean.
  • If possible, avoid purchasing used furniture or mattresses.
  • Use a suitcase with hard sides if you’re traveling.

Termites/Carpenter Ants

If you own a home or a property, you know how destructive a termite infestation can be. Termites feast on wood and can cause extreme structural damage. They breed very quickly, so an infestation can spread in no time. Termites are best detected and treated by a professional, so it’s important to get your home inspected every three to five years by a pest control specialist.


Though they may be small, in large numbers ants can be a serious bother. Ants live in colonies, which means if you find one, more are certainly lurking nearby. They possess a keen sense of smell and are very resilient, making them difficult to eradicate. The three main types of ants you may encounter are fire ants, sugar ants, and Argentine ants. Fire ants are known to be the most aggressive ant species, and their painful bites can cause allergic reactions. Though sugar ants and Argentine ants are less likely to attack, their presence in your home is still a concern. 

In order to avoid allowing ants to invade your space, consider taking the following steps:

  • Seal your doors and windows with weather-stripping.
  • Remove debris from your property, including overgrown tree branches, stumps, and foliage.
  • Ensure any exterior damage to your home is repaired immediately.
  • Thoroughly wash jars or containers before disposing of them.
  • Cover and lock your outdoor garbage cans.

If you still find yourself facing an ant infestation, Nationwide can put you in touch with a pest control specialist in your area to help locate and solve the problem. 


Ticks are tiny, oval-shaped creatures that feast on the blood of humans and animals. They thrive in warm areas with dense vegetation. Because ticks are common carriers of disease, they can pose a serious threat to your pets and you. 

The following methods can be used to prevent ticks from inhabiting your property:

  • Trim your grass short.
  • Regularly check your pets for ticks if they spend time outside, and ensure they are protected year-round.
  • Keep your home clean and vacuum frequently.

How to Find a Pest Control Company


Finding a solution for your pest problem doesn’t need to be a hassle. With Nationwide’s extensive network of experts, you know you’ll be able to find a local pest control specialist who can help rid you of any infestation. Simply call (877) 791-0773 for a free quote on your pest control service. Nationwide will connect you with a local specialist who can locate and solve your pest issue.

About Nationwide Pest Control

Nationwide Pest Control is committed to always providing you with the best quality service. All of our top-rated partners are Better Business Bureau accredited. Our quick response time guarantees we will deal with your problem fast—often the same day that you call. We are available 24/7 to ensure you always have a pest control solution just a call or a click away. We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with our excellent service.

Reach Out Today

If you find yourself facing an infestation, don’t panic! Get in touch with Nationwide Pest Control, and we’ll take it from there. We have exterminators in all 50 states, so wherever you are, you know you’ll be getting the best service at the best price. Call (877) 791-0773 today!

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