How to Prevent Pests in Charlotte


Charlotte, North Carolina is a beautiful city. There are a lot of advantages to living in Charlotte, including the climate, restaurants, and so much more. One of the disadvantages is the pests. There are plenty of pests in Charlotte that you’ll need to deal with when living in the city or the surrounding area.

While bugs can never fully be avoided, you don’t want them making their way into your home. You especially want to do everything you can to avoid an infestation. If you do end up with an infestation, though, make sure you contact Nationwide Pest Control. We’ll send out a pest control specialist to get rid of the pests and make sure they don’t return.

How to Prevent Pests in Charlotte


In order to prevent pests in Charlotte NC, you first need a better understanding of the pests that are trying to infest your home. Below are some of the most common pests in Charlotte, along with what you can do to prevent them.


No one likes looking down and seeing a rat scurry by their foot. Whether they are roof rats, Norway rats, mice, or any other type of rodent, you don’t want them in your home. Over time they will do plenty of damage, chew through your wires, and spread bacteria. They also get into your food! Rodents are known for being disease spreaders, so you want as little exposure to them as possible.

In order to stop rodents from making their way into your home, consider the following tips:

  •       Take out your garbage regularly.
  •       Vacuum and clean your house regularly.
  •       Use your garbage disposal.
  •       Put your food away when you are finished eating it.
  •       Close your windows and doors when not in use.


Cockroaches are among the most disgusting pests. They scurry about, spreading bacteria all over your counters and floors. They also get into your food, shoes, and—overtime—pretty much everywhere. There are a few common cockroaches, which include American, German, and Oriental. They come in different sizes but are very similar in their ability to contaminate your house.

In order to make sure cockroaches don’t infest your home, consider these tips: 

  •       Check your packages for cockroaches before bringing them indoors.
  •       Keep your basement dry.
  •       Inspect the exterior of your home for roaches.
  •       Use weather-stripping around your windows and doors.


Mosquitoes are very frustrating to deal with. While you’ll have to deal with them buzzing around when you are out and about in Charlotte, you don’t want them to start multiplying in your yard. Not only do they bite and leave itchy bumps, but they are also known to spread viruses and diseases. You don’t have to worry every time you get bit, but you still want to limit your exposure to mosquitoes when possible.

To make sure mosquitoes don’t infest your property, consider these tips:

  •       Fill in any holes in your yard that may gather standing water.
  •       Keep your grass cut short.
  •       Remove standing water from your home.
  •       Turn any containers and buckets outside upside down.
  •       Remove debris, overgrown stumps, and vegetation from your yard.


Ants live in colonies. While most people know this, they often don’t think about it when they see an ant or two making their way across the counter with some crumbs. Those ants are taking those crumbs somewhere, and you can bet wherever they are taking the crumbs there are more ants. There are a few different types of ants. These include Argentine, sugar, fire, and more. Fire ants are particularly nasty, as they have a painful sting.

If you want to make sure ants don’t move into your home, consider these tips: 

  •       Use weather-stripping around your windows and doors.
  •       Check the exterior of your home for gaps.
  •       Rinse out your cans and containers before tossing them.
  •       Remove branches, brush, and debris from your yard.


Wasps and hornets have painful stings and are a nightmare to deal with. They are mean and aren’t afraid of stinging. Unlike bees, they can keep stinging without dying. They are known to not only build nests in peoples’ yards but also on the sides of houses. This is way too close! While no one likes getting stung by a wasp or hornet, the issue is particularly bad for those that are allergic. A simple sting may end with a trip to the hospital.

If you have a wasp or hornet infestation, contact a pest control specialist. Nationwide Pest Control will send an expert specialist to your home to safely remove the wasps and make sure they don’t come back. Don’t put your guests, family, or yourself in danger. Get rid of that nest as soon as possible.

Termites/Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants and termites are well-known for doing different types of damage. They make their way into your walls and begin to eat away at your home. Over time, this can lead to literally thousands of dollars in damages. At the first sight of termites or carpenter ants, make sure you contact Nationwide Pest Control. The process of finding and removing these pests can be quite difficult, and you shouldn’t try to do it by yourself. Instead, contact a company that specializes in getting rid of those critters.

Getting Rid of Bugs in Charlotte NC


If you only have a few bugs around the house, traps or spray may be enough to take care of the problem.

If you find yourself with an infestation, on the other hand, you’ll need to hire a company to get rid of them. Contact Nationwide Pest Control in Charlotte today for your pest control needs. We will send out a specialist to survey your property, identify the problem areas, remove the pests, and set up a perimeter so they don’t return.

If you have any questions about pest removal, reach out to Nationwide today. We will discuss the pest issue you are experiencing with you and set an appointment to send out an expert pest control specialist. 

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