What to Consider When Choosing an Exterminator in Tallahassee

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Pest problems can be stressful and also harmful to your health and your home. Having a pest control company that understands the problem at hand and that can help you treat the problem fairly is crucial. Many pest control companies can prevent pests from returning from your home for good. Learn more about what to consider when choosing an exterminator in Tallahassee.

But not all companies are to be trusted. Below, we have listed qualities of companies in the pest control business that you can trust and common pests that these businesses handle in Florida.

Common Pests in Tallahassee FL:

One of the most common pests in Florida are termites because of the heat and humidity. A termite protection plan may be an offered pest control service in your city. Other pests include:

  • spiders
  • cockroaches
  • ticks
  • ants
  • bed bugs
  • stinging insects

Helpful things to consider when choosing an exterminator (Tallahassee) include not only the pests that they treat but if they can take care of your pest control problem permanently. Something to note is that pest control services differ from wildlife removal which often assists with animals like raccoons and bats.

Pest Control Cost

Cost is usually the first factor that most people consider when choosing pest control in Tallahassee. Many companies will offer free quotes so you know how much the pest control services cost. Getting at least 2-3 quotes from various companies is recommended to ensure the pricing is fair. You can also ask if a free inspection is offered, especially if you are unsure of how to identify the pest. Some companies even offer a money-back guarantee if they can’t deliver the promised results!


Licensing and certifications are a top priority as these are requirements for having a pest control company in most states, including Florida. It helps protect yourself in the company in case any damages occur during the treatment process. The test requires that businesses have a certain knowledge of safety protocol and cleaning practices.

The pest control company should also be insured and be able to provide records of the insurance if asked. Insurance may include general liability insurance as well as professional liability insurance.

Quality Work and Excellent Services in Tallahassee

Whether you are in need of termite pest control services, ant elimination, or other services, the pest control company should be able to provide excellent service and deliver effective solutions for your pest problem in the Tallahassee area.

Courteous service is also important because no one likes to be talked down to when trying to find a solution to their stressful pest infestation on their property or in their house.


Safety is a top priority, especially if chemicals are required to get your home pest free. Your chosen Tallahassee pest control should be clear about the types of chemicals they plan to use to treat your pest problem. For example, some companies may use a pesticide for termite control or treatment of other bugs on the property. It is always a good idea to ask about the chemicals that may be used in your home or other location while using pest control services.

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied customers are always a great sign for a pest control service. Every company should want their clients to walk away extremely pleased from knowing they will no longer have to worry about pests taking up residence in their Florida home. It is always a good idea to read reviews before choosing a business to handle your pest problems.

Choosing a Trusted Exterminator in Tallahassee

Nationwide Pest Control serves the country as the number one pest referral network in the USA. This means that we work with the best exterminators and pest control companies to help identify and eliminate the pests in your home. We understand how stressful pests can be and want to provide the network and resources to best help you.

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