4 Questions to Ask a Bed Bug Exterminator in Birmingham

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If you are dealing with household pests or have a pest problem such as a bed bug infestation, you may have the urge to hire the first exterminator you find. While this is understandable, it can lead you to find the wrong bed bug exterminator (Birmingham) who may be out of your budget or even worse, unlicensed.

When choosing a pest control company in Birmingham, use the following 4 questions to ensure you’ve chosen a safe and trusted company to best handle your home’s pest issues.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny insects that can live just about anywhere in your home! Signs of bed bugs include small blood stains on linens or fabrics, bed bug casings or bed bug bites. Bed bugs feed off of human blood or the blood of other mammals and lay eggs that are the size of the head of a pin. Dealing with a bed bug infestation can become particularly troublesome if bitten. Bed bug bites are similar to mosquito bites because they are red and itchy. Bites can become infected if they are scratched which can lead to an open sore and later, an infection. Heat treatment is one way to deal with these pesky insects.

What Pest Control Treatments Do You Offer for Bed Bugs?

This is always a great question to ask as some companies may use harmful chemicals that can be toxic in close proximity. Some pest control services offer a free inspection to confirm the type of pest as well as the severity of the infestation. When choosing pest control in Birmingham, you will want to keep your home and family free from toxic chemicals. While some companies use heat treatments others may use a chemical treatment.

In addition to knowing the type of treatment your home will receive, you will also want to know about the length of treatment and what is required from you during the treatment process. You may be required to rid of unsalvageable items from your home or vacate your home for a short period of time during the bed bug control treatment options.

Is your Pest Control Company Licensed and Insured?

When finding a company to enter your home in the Birmingham area, you want to be sure they are licensed and insured. Pest Control companies in Alabama are required to take a licensing exam prior to running their business.

They also need to be insured in case any damage occurs on the premises. Your pest control company should be able to answer this question immediately and if there is hesitation, choose a different company.

Does Your Company Have Reviews?

Most companies nowadays should have a website and hopefully a list of honest reviews from previous clients who have received treatment for bedbugs or other pests. Just like reading a review on Yelp to find a great restaurant, you can do the same for a pest control company. Our website Nationwide Pest Control has numerous companies in Alabama with listed reviews to choose from.

Do you offer a firm and free quote with your Birmingham Pest Control Services?

Cost is one of the many factors to consider when finding a bed bug exterminator that is right for you. Oftentimes Pest Control companies will offer a free inspection and a free quote so you know the cost of treatment. You want to be sure that the quote is not subject to change. It does happen that a cost will be agreed upon between a client and a company and that cost changes upon receiving the receipt so if a company offers a guaranteed price, be sure to get it in writing.

Use Nationwide Pest Control with Local Expertise As Your Bed Bug Exterminator in Birmingham

A single pest can bring a great deal of chaos and discomfort in a home. Most people are willing to pay the price of a pest control service as it ensures a treatment plan, great service and often same day care to eliminate your pest problem for good.

Nationwide Pest Control offers pest control in zip codes across the country. Contact us to find an exterminator that fits your needs and will rid your home of pests, today!

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