Mosquito Yard Control: Take Back Your Yard

If there is one thing in life that’s guaranteed, as soon as springtime comes around, so do the mosquitoes. Your beautiful backyard will be transformed into a breeding ground for blood-sucking insects in a flash. They will remain all summer, ruining any chance you have at enjoying the warm weather and sunshine in peace. If […]

The Best Plants for Pest Control

Insects and other pests can wreak havoc in a garden if they’re not properly controlled. Sure, pesticides will help to keep invasive insects at bay. But who wants to eat fruits and veggies that have been sprayed with chemicals? Instead, forgo the pesticides and use your garden plants for pest control. There is a wide […]

How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants in Your Home?

When insects invade your home, few culprits are as bothersome as sugar ants. These tiny black ants typically begin showing up during the springtime as they search your house for food sources and water. And while they don’t pose a physical threat to humans, the sight of them crawling around in your kitchen or bathroom […]

Insect Control in Home: Keep Bugs Away

exterminator orlando, person in blue spraying under white cabinets

An insect infestation can be a very stressful situation for homeowners. Insects are unsightly, they spread disease, and in the case of termites, they can compromise the structure’s integrity. Whether they have become an inconvenience or an intolerable nuisance, you need to consider insect control at home.  Using our wide network of pest control specialists, […]

Keeping Your Family Safe from Wasps and Hornets in South Carolina

A wasp hangs onto his nest, causing in South Carolina.

With the arrival of early spring in South Carolina, you may have noticed an increase in wasps, hornets, honey bees, carpenter bees, and hives around your home and garden plants. Wasps are helpful to have around flowering plants as they can be found pollinating flowers but you do not want a nest inside or around […]

Tips for Keeping Mosquitos at Bay in Florida

A Florida mosquito hangs from a leaf in a swamp near Florida.

Are you ready to enjoy your Florida summer without letting mosquitoes suck the fun out of it? We at Nationwide Pest Control are here to help you avoid mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases so you can enjoy the pristine beauty of Florida without the pests. Why do Mosquitoes bite? The female mosquito tracks humans and animals […]

The Dangers of Spiders in North Carolina

A silhouette of a spider hangs from his web in North Carolina.

North Carolina is home to a variety of spider species including the tan jumping spider and the venomous black widow spider. Thankfully, our professionals at Nationwide Pest Control are here to teach you which spiders to watch out for and how we can help. Common House Spiders in North Carolina North Carolina spiders are in […]

The Most Common Pests in Illinois

Pests burrow into wooden furniture in Illinois.

Common pests can become much more than just a nuisance in your home. The professionals at Nationwide Pest Control are here to help identify and remove any and all pests that may emerge with the change of seasons. Treatment of the Most Common Pests in Illinois Insects Wasps and Hornets: These insects can become problematic […]

How to Avoid Ticks in Tennessee

A tick hangs on to a leaf in Tennessee.

With the arrival of tick season this summer, you will need to take extra precautions while setting off on your perfect weekend camping trip in Tennessee. Nationwide Pest Control is here to share some key tips below for how to prevent a tick bite and the serious diseases ticks carry. What are Ticks? Ticks are […]

When is it Time for Professional Pest Control?

A professional pest control worker sprays for pests outdoors while wearing protective gloves and a mask.

Don’t wait until the pests take over to call a professional for help. While there are many ways to keep pests at bay, you may need a professional to be able to see the greater problem manifesting beneath your floorboards or within building structures. Contact us at Nationwide Pest Control and we will dispatch a […]